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CoMADO is a web service for conducting field research online. There is no need to install an application. Co-creation of research is done through live broadcasts from people in the field. Features such as a map display, a note-taking function during the research, and linkage with an online whiteboard make it possible to conduct research without stress during observation and review.

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Why we recommend it

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Easy to use for everyone interface

Easy access to distant fields from anywhere, at any time, simply by opening the URL of the room set by the host. The intuitive and easy-to-understand user interface can be used by people of all ages, from children to the elderly. Participants other than the host do not need to register for an account.

Pointing to dialogue starters!
Together Field Exploration

Observation of the surrounding environment and objects is also important for research. A pointing function is implemented to prompt "here, there" questions. This function triggers in-depth observation and dialogue, triggering thoughts that are unspoken or unnoticed in a formal interview. (Patented*)

ZEROINON, INC. related patent publication (Patent Publication 2022-55959) "Server, Method, Program and System" April, 2022.

Automatically create survey notes at !
Look back at immediately after field exploration

All scenes and objects of interest are recorded with photos and fusen. They are automatically placed on the timeline in conjunction with the whiteboard service Miro. As soon as you finish your research, you can look back on your findings and start a discussion or workshop.

Other Functions

  • memo

    You can jot down your new ideas and insights on the fly and have them automatically saved in Miro.

  • Map

    Share your current location with everyone. You can explore the field with a map.

  • (video) recording

    Start recording with one click. You can look back not only with photos and fusions but also with videos.
    Paid plans only

  • Data Download

    Download all photos and notes uploaded to Miro at once. Photos and notes uploaded to Miro can be downloaded together and saved in a format that is easy to use with other applications.
    Paid plans only

  • AI Transcription

    Speech during CoMADO is transcribed sequentially using AI. The speech can be checked as a record of speech immediately after the research is completed.
    Available as a beta version for paid plans.

Support during use

  • Security for peace of mind

    We have a full security system that can be used by companies with confidence. We will be happy to submit a security check sheet.

  • Customer Support

    In the Enterprise Plan, our expert staff provides flexible support from introduction to use. Please feel free to contact us if you are considering the introduction of this service.

  • Demonstration

    We will introduce examples of use cases and hold a demo where you can experience CoMADO. Please feel free to contact us if you wish to attend.

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