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CoMADO — Design Research Anywhere

* Filed by zeroinon, Inc. (Published Patent Application 2022-55959) for server, method, program, and system; April 2022

What is CoMADO?

CoMADO is an online design research tool that makes it easy to study distant fields as if you’re chatting with a neighbor through the window. Just click on a link to get started and gain deep insights into your business from anywhere with no hassle.

Easy To Use for Anyone, Anywhere

You don’t need to install any special app. Simply click on a link to the web, and you’ll be instantly connected to the field. Our intuitive user interface allows everybody, from seniors to children, to participate in a session effortlessly.

Maximize Co-creativity

CoMADO can accommodate many participants at once. A good mixture of experts and parties from different industries enables observation from diverse perspectives, making it possible to derive thoughts and insights that a single person might not realize. That’s how co-creation works.

Record on Stickies Automatically

Whatever you notice, you can quickly jot it down on the spot. Thanks to our Miro whiteboard integration, pictures and sticky notes will be organized on a neat timeline. No prep for a post-session review is needed — your field note-making is now automatic!

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Support Community

CoMADO is constantly evolving with a community of design researchers and other professionals. Our diverse members are here to answer your questions and help those who want to try research in a variety of fields.

  • Designer
  • Strategist
  • Engineer
  • Director
  • Student
  • Anthropologist
  • Scientist
  • Editor
  • Manager
  • ACTANT, Inc.
  • Concent, Inc.
  • mct. Inc.
  • Trinity Co. Ltd.
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What’s New

  • Please reinstall the Miro plugin
    We have updated our plugin to support the latest version of Miro, the whiteboard service integrated with CoMADO. To create a Miro board with a new CoMADO room in the future, please follow the instructions and reinstall the plugin before using it.
  • CoMADO has been updated. If you’re an iPhone user, be sure to use the latest version of iOS.