Recording and reviewing the workshop

Use of CoMADO as a personal memo in the field

Typical Duration: 2 days (during the workshop period) Typical # of Participants: 1 person

I had a plan to write a blog post about the workshop from the standpoint of an instructor who organized the workshop, so I recorded the workshop participants' work processes, presentations, and other aspects of the event and what I found interesting in CoMADO during the workshop. 3 weeks later, based on the recordings loaded on the Miro board, I and with two other instructors reflected on the workshop and discussed our learnings and findings from the instructor's perspective.

Why Choose CoMADO

  • The recorded data visualized chronologically on the Miro board reflected the subjective concerns of the recorder, but at the same time captured the highlights of the workshop, making it possible to look back on the entire 8-hour workshop in a short time.
  • Although three weeks had passed before the review was conducted, a glance at the recorded data on the Miro board immediately evoked memories of the workshop, and we were able to immediately enter into essential discussions without any memory gaps.
  • The CoMADO data, which discretely recorded the interests of the recorders, in a good sense interpolated the experience with the memories of the people who viewed the data, making it easier to recall memories and later discussions more lively.
Record of workshops


  • 01

    Create CoMADO rooms

    • Create several CoMADO rooms for the workshop time.
  • 02

    Execution of the workshop

    • Use CoMADO as a note-taking device during the workshop. Pointing out points of interest in the participants' activities to record images, or recording the participants' presentations in text, etc., using different actions depending on the content to be recorded.
  • 03

    Reflection of the workshop

    • While looking at the recorded data deployed on Miro, the three instructors discussed the verification of the working hypothesis made before the workshop and the insights and learnings that were not revealed by the hypothesis.
  • 04

    Blog Post Writing

    • Create blog posts based on the discussions during the reflection of the workshop


Blog post on workshop content


Ryoko Ueoka

上岡 玲子

Holds a Ph.D. in Engineering from the Department of Advanced Interdisciplinary Studies, Graduate School of Engineering, the University of Tokyo. She specializes in UI/UX and VR, and is a member of the CoMADO development team. Aiming to update the way of working in the era of 100 years of life, she left Kyushu University to establish zeroinon Inc. in 2021, where she serves as the President and Representative Director.


CoMADO is a tool designed for multiple participants online, but it is also suitable for one person to use CoMADO as a field memo. Since images and notes can be loaded in chronological order on the Miro board, it seems easy to look back on them later as one's own digital notebook.

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