Team Building Made Easy

Getting to know your team members’ “off-screen” to learn their personality

With the spread of remote work, there are probably more and more cases where work can be completed without face-to-face meetings with clients or internal company members. But even if the work environment changes drastically, people are still fundamentally responsible for facilitating work, and getting to know each other’s personalities would probably remain one of the most effective ways to build better teamwork and relationships. This method supports team building among members who collaborate remotely by casually introducing their working environment to each other via CoMADO.

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Why Choose CoMADO

  • Team building can be done among members who work together at a distance
  • Knowing the working environment of team members can give you a deeper understanding of their characters
  • It can be a quick icebreaker

Suitable for

  • Members working together in remote locations


In this program, team members take turns as presenters and introduce their desk area and room interior. Presenters will talk freely about the environment in which they reside, including the computer and equipment they use, as well as the decor of their room. Other participants will point to things they like or find interesting and ask the presenter about their particular passions or practices. Having everyone introduce their working environment to each other should provide an opportunity to discover new aspects of each individual.

Typical Duration
About 30 minutes (depending on the number of participants)
Typical # of Participants
2 to 5 people
CoMADO room, internet, smartphones


  • 01

    3 min.

    Confirm the primary purpose and how to proceed

    • The organizer shares the aim of executing this method and why they wanted to do it
    • Decide in which order the presenters will be assigned
    • Decide how much time each person will have and who will be the timekeeper
  • 02

    25 min.

    Introduce their working environment in turn

    • Team members take turns being the presenter, giving a brief profile and then introducing their working environment while projecting it on the CoMADO
    • Other participants communicate with the presenter by pointing out what they find interesting as necessary.
  • 03

    2 min.

    Reflection and sharing of insights

    • After everyone finishes their introductions, freely share insights and things that were particularly memorable


Daichi Kawaharada

川原田 大地

As a service designer, he has been extensively involved in the planning and execution of projects related to the new development and improvement of various clients’ businesses and services. He has also practiced user research and analysis training sessions and facilitated many co-creation workshops.

Agency: Concent, Inc.


While more meetings are being conducted online and work can now proceed more efficiently, opportunities for casual chats that used to occur naturally before and after face-to-face meetings have been significantly reduced, and it has become necessary to purposefully create opportunities to get to know each other. In such circumstances, I thought that CoMADO could promote team building by showing each other the work environment and allowing people to know each other’s personality without having to say much themselves.

Tips & Tricks

Some people may be uncomfortable about showing their home environment to others. It is recommended that you confirm the participants’ willingness before trying this method.

Although the estimated duration is about 30 minutes, it may be possible to arrange for a shorter introduction time for each person, or conversely, to set longer presentation times. If you have any practical ideas for promoting team building, please try them out.

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